Ice Cream Coffee Shake (Aug/Sept 2022)

Ice Cream Coffee Shake (Aug/Sept 2022)

Happy September!!!

I am way late on this recipe. Life happened, but divine intervention made this work, as it is still sweltering outside. So here is quick one.  If you count calories, keep this for your cheat day. But otherwise. Have fun with it!!!!!

Let’s get started.


Recipe for Single Serving:

3 Large scoops of Ice Cream (2 to blend, 1 for later)

1 to 11/2 Cups of Brewed Um’Licious Me Vanilla Macadamia Flavored Coffee (Less for softer ice cream).

1 heaped tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder


Toppings (Optional):

Chocolate or Caramel drizzle

Whipped Cream

Nuts, Candy, get creative


  • Blend you ice cream, unsweetened cocoa, and Coffee to medium smoothly texture.
  • Pour mixture in your favorite cup.
  • Top of with last scoop of ice cream and your favorite toppings.



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