Mint Iced Tea with Grand Marnier

Um’Licious Me - Cool, Green & Grown (April 2022)

Happy End of April 2022!

Where has the year gone?  As we approach summer, I thought it would be nice to come up with a simple, Iced Tea recipe for us adults.  Be it at the BBQ, a Birthday Party, or just Hanging Out on the porch or back-yard. This is one that will work for anyone, unless you are a lightweight. Wink!


All you will need:


Grand Marnier was the liquor of choice due to the orange flavor.  And Um'Licious Me Cool Green Mint Tea for its complimentary mint and citrus flavor.



  • 4 Parts - Brewed Cool Green Mint. Chilled. (Done your way. We prefer it brewed strong, lightly sweetened with sugar).
  • 1 Part - Grand Marnier. 


Pictured below is day one. Just being fancy with the pineapple.  But also works well in a highball, with ice. I still have not decided it I want to make ice-pops out of it yet.  Will see how I feel.  



I look forward to bringing you summer-inspired treats, as the months roll along. 

'Till Next month.





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